Welcome to Tom's website for sharing family and professional materials - videos, slideshows, etc.. 

The majority of pages on this server are 'private' - i.e. you will need a login to access.  Either Tom will have given you a login or you may request one.

The website is built on a open srouce product by the name of Liferay. It is the "swiss army knife" of website development which has a broad range of features supporting identity management, web content authoring, document management, and much more. Furthermore, it can be an application platform upon which custom business applications are developed and deployed. For example, I developed a web-based application for bookkeeping of contributions for my church and an application for homeowner association dues.

I have always been a builder. Woodworking, model railroading, electronics gadgets, software tools, and products for business. In addition, over the course of a number of years, I founded and built a software consulting company -- with the significant contribution of many talented associates without whom it would not have been a success, and who are close friends over the course of 30+ years.

I was recently working as an independent contractor doing portal architecture work on the Liferay product.

Am currently retired from full time work and spend my time on projects for my church and for my homeowners assoc. And I have also been experimenting with the "Internet of Things" -- Raspberry PI microprocessors -- with sensors of the physical world communicating over the Internet. Also spend my time woodworking, R/C models, model RR, camping, hiking.

I am happy when I am busy creating.


Tom Wackerfuss

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